General declaration of consent

I agree to the data that I have entered being published on I understand that I may be contacted by the media and other interested parties as a source of information. I know that the ZHdK University Communications Office will help me to respond to requests from the media and, if necessary, I will contact the office as quickly as possible. I agree that ZHdK can contact me about current continuing education courses or other support services relating to scientific communication and media skills.

Conditions of use ZHdK Experts

1. Purpose

1.1 Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) operates a database under the name ZHdK Experts which contains information about experts at ZHdK. 

1.2 The purpose of this database is to make the expertise of ZHdK employees available to the public. The database provides an overview of the ZHdK experts and allows members of the public to search for specific expertise. The users of the database can publish content such as a portrait photo, name, contact details, specialist knowledge, publications, research projects, media articles etc. and can act as a point of contact for the media and other interested parties.

1.3 The content of this public website can be viewed and accessed via the internet.

2. Scope

2.1 All members of ZHdK with a ZHdK e-mail address who are employed by ZHdK are entitled to register in the database. 

3. Access

3.1 Users can register for the database using a form on the website If necessary, the information is edited and then published. Users are sent an e-mail when the data is published.

4. Responsibility

4.1 The users are responsible for use of the platform.

4.2 Users can publish content, provided that it is not unlawful.

4.3 If content that is protected by copyright or intellectual property rights is used, the permission of the holder of the rights must be obtained.

4.4 In the case of pictures of people, it is important to note that images of third parties can only be used with their consent.

5. ZHdK guarantees

5.1 ZHdK cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness or lawfulness of the content published on the platform.

5.2 ZHdK is not responsible for unlawful use of the content. ZHdK can only be held liable for the content and for users’ compliance with the provisions above if it is aware of unlawful content and can therefore be made responsible for it under the terms of the relevant legislation.

5.3 ZHdK accepts no liability for damage resulting from unauthorized use or from breaches of these provisions.

5.4 The Information Technology Centre (IT Centre) of ZHdK guarantees the technical operation of the service.

6. Measures

6.1 In the event of unauthorized use, the University Communications Office can take the necessary measures which are specified in the Terms of Service for IT Resources.

7. Final provisions

7.1 If these Terms of Service do not contain the relevant regulations, the provisions of the Terms of Service for IT Resources apply.

7.2 These Terms of Service come into effect immediately.